A Bit of Raw Poetry


Something I’m really invested in is my writing. Although I definitely prefer writing stories to poems, I find that poems are a lovely way to get out some thoughts and feelings. Most of my poetry is unedited…but should we even edit poetry? Know that it’s not my strong suit, but I think it’s also a great way to learn more about someone.

                                             the year i learned to stop the tears                                               

i felt the anger right away 
i felt the sadness
it would not melt away
i was a mess

i used to cry about it all
i could not keep it in
i could care less
if my tears were seen

now nobody sees those tears
i keep them locked away
i sometimes feel them start again
but i stop them right away

Not Anymore

One accused me of something I didn’t do
One stopped talking to me for no reason at all
One of them lied to me about another
One talked about me behind my back

You think that I would leave
You know I shouldn’t stay
You point out the blatant 
You see the signs that I’m missing

Maybe I noticed it happening
Maybe I did nothing about it
Maybe we aren’t friends anymore
Maybe, though, I still want it

The Daisies Growing

The lawn returns from the muddy brown,

The sky rids itself of the gloomy frown,

I see the sunshine breaking through,

The flowers beginning to grow too,

The Daffodils on the neighbors porch,

The pansies underneath the sun’s scorch,

The daisies, white petals up towards the sky,

Spring’s time is nigh!

What I’m Reading Right Now


Reading is literally the most exciting thing guys. I love the emotions evoked just by a single page. I’ll admit, I’ve been a bit of a slacker in reading (annnd everything else, let’s be honest here) but I finally picked up a book I never thought I would read…because at age 10 when I looked up the content to make sure it wasn’t too scandalous it said the word virgin and I was scared. Anyways, I finally borrowed this from the online library (aka Overdrive) and began…

This entire series is literally amazing, but it’s too much for only one post. Kiera Cass is so talented and I’m so in love but that DOES NOT EXCUSE the heart-wrenching rollercoaster this book causes. It gave me a freaking HEART. ATTACK. Not cool, mam. (my cholesterol, as of quarantine, is bad enough I bet!) Honestly, though, the feelings I got from this book made it worth it. The romance factor, though, did make me feel lonlier yay for that but it’s good, my mental health is just fine we can tell addi so let’s continue.


America Singer is a Five. Five of eight castes, the system used by Illia to keep everyone in their place. America is just fine with her life, although she often goes to bed hungry. She contributes to her family of Mom, Dad, and younger sister May by singing and playing the piano. In the monarchy, though, it is at last time for Prince Maxon to enter the selection-Illia’s version of the Bachelor. America, forced to put her name into the drawing, is somehow chosen for the Selection, which she wants no part of. The royals get what the want though, and America is entered into the race with 34 other girls for one man’s heart.

the good parts

There was so much good stuff, geez. First off, the character development is On. Point. So stellar I literally am jealous and am going to Madame Cass’s house to steal her writing skills with whatever means possible, because I want them for myself (she’s quaking) . Her way of writing this in an exciting way that doesn’t get old or tired is so great. The romance aspect–pretty much the entire book–had me in love with every. single. person and screaming and angry and sad (I really am fine). I swear I couldn’t love the characters more, which is super impressive because literally when I write I hate about half of my characters…oops. Kiera Cass keeps everything real with some pretty unreal things. The whole series kept me on edge and you never really do know how it will turn out. Another factor in this book is that it’s not solely focused on the Selection, but also some secret issues you’ll have to figure out on your own because I don’t wanna get slammed for spoiling 🙂 dont worry you can just judge me for other things.

the…not so…good parts

I really don’t wanna slap on such a great book but honestly there are some things to be addressed. The concerns I have for this book are few, but here we go. 1) America is very, very expected. I hate to say it, especially because I love her, but America Singer is a little bit too expected, in the way that she’s “unexpected” it will make sense in a bit haha . She’s pretty, talented singer, but hates the Prince. That’s the best character option possible, yes, but it’s also the one any smart author would choose because it gives her the chance to really make her different from all the girls swooning over Prince Maxon. It’s a solid choice but it’s also the one you’d expect-the girl that won’t take crap, doesn’t want this crazy chance, and is really bad at following the rules (ehm relatable though) .2) Prince Maxon is too hot. Literally I myself am in love with him and I have no clue what he looks like (well, addi, he isn’t real for starters) , and he’s the sweetest thing. I don’t like the standard she made for all the men in my life (yeah all three) . It’s okay, we can be content, I guess, to love him on paper.

I RATE THIS BOOK 10/Addi (that’s my little way of saying I’m a ten and you aren’t. It’s a joke, please don’t be offended, you’re great too ❤ I bet I just lost a follower)

I really hope you enjoy this post (people pleasing issues anyone?) , leave a comment below if you have read this book or want to! Also, take a moment to enjoy the clinking glass and diy hand below. Don’t look to close though hehe!


Welcome to my blog, Addi…as you may have figured out, that’s me ! My blog is here for you to just enjoy, interact, and for me to just talk and laugh at myself (more than I already do. I know, embarrassing). I love writing, photography, and those dumb puns like “you’re one in a melon”. This blog is for me to share that kind of stuff with you (and for you to like it, but let’s begin the worrying about social acceptance later…)

so here’s to me, you, and this blog,